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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Festividder for both making me a vid *and* being so patient waiting for this letter. I am *AFLAIL* with these fandoms and I am very excited to receive a vid for any of these which are so woefully under-vidded.

I like a lot of information and squee in a dear vidder letter. I'm pretty flexible with most things, so if you do have a preexisting idea that you are eager to explore that you think I may like, feel free to just jump in.













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I am so excited about this challenge. I love all of these fandoms. I love the vidders who participate. I love this theme! Thank you so much for making me a vid. I am excited to see what you make!

I like a lot of information and squee in a dear vidder letter. I'm pretty flexible with most things, so if you do have a preexisting idea that you are eager to explore that you think I may like, feel free to just jump in.

MUSIC: Vids often introduce me to new music and they often allow me to appreciate a song I might not otherwise enjoy. That said, I generally prefer female artists and my music taste is eclectic. My most recent Spotify listening history: Janelle Monae, Kesha, New Orleans Brass bands, Perfume Genius, Mamma Mia soundtracks, Steven Universe soundtrack, The Spy Who Dumped Me soundtrack, Magnetic Fields, Motown, and Sleater Kinney. I also love vids with unusual audio sources.

VID STYLES: I'm here for all* of it! LKBV, deadly-serious crack vids, dance vids, character studies, super earnest "I would die for you" ship vids, etc. I just really want a vid with positive feels (or angst with humor).

TRIGGERS: I am migraine-sensitive to stutter edits between shots with extreme contrast that feature fast-motion within the frame as well. Most stutter edits and strobing do not trigger me. I appreciate other triggers being listed, so I can more easily share them with friends.

A WRINKLE IN TIME: I love this! I love Meg's character transformation and how she gains confidence through the very scary prospect of repeatedly folding time-and-space. I love Meg's relationship with Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit and how they guide her and support her learning process. I love the dynamic between Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Whatsit. And I am *totally here* for wise-Oprah-goddess figure. Honestly, there's no one that I outright hate in this (except the IT, obvs), so no need to cut around the supportive boys or Meg's complicated feelings about her dad. And I also really appreciate Charles Wallace and Calvin being completely enamored and impressed by Meg, as well as their teamwork throughout their adventures.

THE MAGICIANS: I fucking love this show. I love everyone in this bar. My biggest faves are definitely Margo, Eliot, and Quentin (I should really be annoyed with Quentin and yet I always love him even when he's being a doofus?!). I adore Josh and I adore the Fairy Queen. LIKE A LOT. I love the politics of this show. I love how Fillory is this fantastic otherworldly place of myth and magic for the magical kids of Earth, but when they get there they are confronted with corruption, exploitation, and the same horrors that exist on Earth. I also appreciate that the more we see of the library, the more the concept of the Archive is interrogated. The tag for Harriet (Marlee Matlin) was not available, but I would be delighted to receive a character study of her and her relationship with the Library, as well.

I love the queerness of the show, and the very blatant parallels of magic and queerness. I love how they continually navigate decisions that place their personal wants, their responsibilities to each other, and their responsibilities to justice in conflict.

When it comes to shipping, my faves are probably Margo/Eliot/Quentin, Margo/the Fairy Queen (I know I know but I can't help it), Eliot/Quentin, and Josh/everyone. Julia is amazing. Penny is incredible. Kady is fine. Buuuuuuuut Alice annoys me to no end :/ which is just to say, I'd prefer not to get a character-study of Alice or an Alice-intersecting ship vid (with the exception of Josh/everyone).

I also really appreciate the friendships of Margo & Eliot (shippy only when Quentin is there as well), and Julia and Quentin, who have some deep sibling-level understanding of one another.

STAR TREK: VOYAGER: JANEWAYYYYYY my love. Let's talk about Janeway and time travel. The environmentalist in me thinks that she *should* care about the integrity of the timeline, but also that there's clearly not enough timeline science understood at her point in the timeline for her to routinely know how to maintain that integrity. But also I love how she generally doesn't give a fuck about messing it up if it is just yknow, realllllly important... like saving Seven *heartpupils*

Captain Janeway/Seven of Nine/Admiral Janeway/time travel/Borg Queen is probably my ultimate OT5?? but if you want to just stick with Janeway/time travel, I'd be thrilled too. Voyager is like a home for me, so my lack of elaborating is just because my love for Janeway is that pure and true.

TIMELESS: Yay goofy travel through time to fight fascism show! And lets be real: Rittenhouse is timey-wimey fascism. I have ships but do I care about a shipping vid? not so much? I mean, if I had a ship it would be the biggest mothership of all time with like, 8 people in it. Chosen family, queerness, confronting the realities of traveling in history as poc and/or female, multiple timelines, triangles that should be triads, well, this show has it all.

My favorite character is hands down Denise Christopher. A character study of Denise Christopher would make me elated. A vid exploring the core team of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Jiya would also be great, but I think mostly in the context of that list above (chosen family, queerness, etc.) Though now that I think about it, Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Jiya are a perfect sedoratu? p.s. I am a big fan of Garcia Flynn, fwiw.

WAREHOUSE 13: And here's the symmetry with Voyager: time-travel as conduit to femslash. Myka and H.G. give me *heartpupils* I don't know what else to say about that. Myka seems to step into the challenge of self-actualization more just by knowing H.G., and H.G. allows herself to feel because Myka lets her feel love again. Their whole relationship leaves me undone.

As for everyone else...I love the whole team. I love their mission and I love Lena, Claudia, Steve, Artie, and Pete. I love the hilarious scenario of Jeri Ryan playing Pete's ex, and Kate Mulgrew playing his mom. Speaking of which, Jane Lattimer and Irene Frederick were totally exes or a couple or something. I dig their co-parenting of Claudia through the Steve-crisis.

Hijinks with magical objects are much appreciated. The show is just FUN.

p.s. It may be important to note that I actively chose to not watch Season 5 and it does not exist for me? I know what happened in it, but oooof that seemed both bad and a very different understanding of the show than I had.

I think that covers it? Thank you so much for making me a vid! Choose what makes you excited to vid it!
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Dear Festividder,

Why do I write such long letters?? Because it’s the only time I ever say anything on Dreamwidth? Maybe! But also because I feel really grateful that you are making me a vid for one of these fandoms and this is the only way I have to try and help. So I think I write a lot to try and help a lot. Maybe that works for you! Maybe it doesn’t. If it doesn’t... take what is useful and leave the rest. Media is not one thing and vids can only hold so many ideas within them while being coherent. Just know that I write this much because I love these fandoms and I love that you are making me a vid. You are mighty! And I could never imagine the vid you are imagining right now. What I find most exciting about the fanwork exchange process is connecting through the particular lens of a vid that brings certain elements of a fandom into focus.You are so very appreciated, Festividder. <3 <3 <3

P.S. the length of my comments on each fandom below does not equate to my level of investment. I love alllllllll of these.

P.P.S. I’m so far up the butt of electoral politics and various celebrity shilling that I am finding it hilarious that I requested both Feud starring Susan Sarandon and Will & Grace starring Debra Messing, who have been in a notorious twitter war due to their respective Bernie and HRC stanning.

TL;DR: While the fandoms I requested are diverse in many different ways -- tone, format, projected audience, theme, character, etc. -- I think many of them have the common thread of being politically precarious, as is often the case with media featuring underrepresented groups or ideas.

My particular investments could be described as follows: Women are great. Relationships between women are amazing. Femslash gives me life. Billy from Billy on the Street is literally the only boy for whom I’d be excited to receive a character-vid. Homonormativity bores me. Complexity excites me. SQUEE vids are love. Chosen family. Radical queerness. Reclaiming authorship of experience and narrative. The many different feminisms. Intertextuality, conversations across media, and reflexivity? Yes! Yes! Yes! Crossovers possibilities are described in more detail below, but fandoms with an asterisk are crossover approved!

Warnings: are appreciated for the access of all.

Music: I give some ideas below, but they’re just ideas. I tend to think I don’t like an artist or song and then someone vids it for me and it’s brilliant and perfect, or I do like an artist or song and I get to enjoy it in a whole different way, so I really put my trust in your vision. My only “please don’t do that” songs are the ones with dude vocalists that are sexually coercive or rapey, like “Blurred Lines” or “My Way.” I largely prefer female vocalists but that is not a hard and fast rule.

Beyoncé's Lemonade* )


Feud* )

Broad City )

Grace and Frankie )

Funny or Die's Billy on the Street )

Will & Grace )

Wonder Woman (comics)* )

Thank you again!!!
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Title: Love God Herself
Recipient: [personal profile] livrelibre
Fandom: Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro
Music: "Don't Hurt Yourself" by Beyoncé and featuring Jack White
Length: 03:55
Content notes: Sexual violence, institutional violence, graphic violence, imprisonment
Password: Festividz!

Summary: I am the dragon breathing fire...

streaming | 150mb 720p download | srt
Originally posted here

Love God Herself from Melissa Cyborg on Vimeo.

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Dear Festividder,

Yay! a lot of fandoms I love are in Festivals. I put them in alphabetical order because I get decisionitis if I try to rank my fandoms. I have a lot of flail inside about these fandoms. And you’re making me a VID for one of these?! Thank you! You are just FANTASTIC. I cannot tell you how excited I am to receive a vid for any one of these fandoms.

Regarding music: go with what you feel. If I have ideas for specific types of music with various fandoms, I will note it, but really — they’re just ideas. I like pop, hip-hop, r&b, motown, opera, musicals, some rock, some punk, some country, and always unusual, non-music audio tracks. I don’t like industrial rock, metal, gothic rock, etc.





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Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Music: One Beattt by Sleater-Kinney
Notes: Festivids gift for [ profile] sabaceanbabe Thanks to [personal profile] cyborganize for the beta. Originally posted here.
TW: graphic childbirth, forced bondage, torture with medical instruments, sequence of fast splices at 0:30-0:32.

Streaming | Download 120mb | srt

Jupiter Jones: Earth's Galactic SJW, who falls for her loyal bodyguard (a dogman from space)

Password = Festividz!

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Dear Festividder,

Thank you thank you thank you Festividder for making me a vid! I have a lot of flailiness below but that just means when it comes to delighting me with vids -- I'm easy. If you have an idea already? Excellent! Want to use a frequently vidded song? Awesome. Really these fandoms need love and sometimes there's nothing more validating to a fandom than being vidded to by a well-vidded song. Want to get experimental and weird? Into! Want to incorporate fanworks like fanart or podcasts or?? Totally! (just please credit the fanartists!). Want to be critical or get meta? Awesome! Fill a kink bingo square? Abso-luuuutely.

Access: While in general I am a "vid what you want" kinda gal, shots of gore and body horror can trigger some really unpleasant stuff with my OCD (this is mostly an issue with the three crime shows, obvs). If you include some of these shots, that's ok! just don't linger? and please include a trigger warning so I know. Also, I'd really appreciate captions of the final vid, for my own enjoyment and as a necessity for friends I'd like to share the vid with.

The TL;DR of all the bits below: Focus on female characters is IMPORTANT.

Anyway, have fun! And thank you!

p.s. fandoms listed in order from safety to most source to still image.

Music )

The Trouble With Angels )

Pitch Perfect )

The Bletchley Circle )

Extant )

Scott and Bailey )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )

Fun Home )

Hark! A Vagrant )


<33333333333 metatxt
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Soooo, I'm about to be an auntie. I'm so excited! My cousin has requested that I DJ her labor (date tbd), either virtually or in person. While I have a few songs already picked out, "Push It" by Salt 'n' Pepa was first on the list, I would loooove any suggestions you might have. You all are really brilliant with vid songs, and well, this is sort of like a live vid. Or at least that's how I'm figuring out how to pick out songs while someone heroically releases a (not!kraken) baby into the world.

I am building two playlists: one of mellow-ish music and another of more intense-aerobics-playlist type music.

She enjoys the juxtaposition of symbolic music lyrics applied more literally to labor, so I have been digging through various options including the words "baby" or "push" etc.

It's OK if it's music she or I don't know. The goal is 75% familiar and 25% new (to keep things fresh).

It's also OK if this is a ridiculous subject to crowd-source, but the due date is coming up soon and I figured I'd give it a shot. You have no idea how many birthing playlists posted online are all Jesus-centric. Or full of shitty music. Like... let's not play "Crash" by Dave Matthews. Let's not.
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Welcome to the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Open Thread!

Miss Fisher stands with arms extended, hands resting on a large rope in front of her (a boxing ring). Text reads Open Thread.

Read more... )

Post away!
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Hey there anon! This is so rad — we have a character and fandom in common! I am really, really excited to read the fic you write and learn how the character(s) we share live in your heart and mind. Thank you in advance for the time, energy, and labor you spend on this fic. As a fandom participant who does not create nearly as much as I would like, I am acutely aware of how precious that time is.

I realize some folks feel boxed in by letters and others (like me) are really eager to read the thoughts and feelings of their recipient to help prompt or shape the eventual fic. If you’re in the former category, I’ll do my best to keep the essentials concise, and you can skip the more detailed fandom and character sections.

In a nutshell: canon-consistent characterization = yay! Deviating from canon anywhere else? Fantastic! Strongly prefer exploring relationships between women. Furthermore, you can femslash anyone on this list and I’d be giddy. I adore gen as well though, so write what sounds fun. The few het pairings I enjoy are mentioned with the relevant character(s) below, but I strongly prefer het to exist within poly relationships (het ok, monogamy ok, but not together).

squees: gen, femslash, queerness, polyamory, porn, kink (particularly when used to explore nuances of character), relationship studies, character studies, backstories, flash-forwards, narratives that fork from canon at a particular point, time-travel, bits of meta sprinkled in, world-building! AUs (science fiction / fantasy), crossovers, comfort!fic —

— non-sexual mentor relationships, friendships! found family and unique family formations, bonding across significant differences, identity issues!, competing desires, power dynamics, explicit and enthusiastic consent! Negotiation — characters expressing want, setting boundaries, conversing and contemplating how those desires can (or cannot) be met within their relationship, and if you’re gonna write fluff there better be fluffy animal (or ok they don’t have to be fluffy — dragons, tardigrades, orcas, etc. etc. etc. are cool too).

Non-sequitur!squees if you’re looking for a “what would happen if” situation, like “Character A” goes to (fill in the blank) — I really dig baseball and opera. Send anyone to a baseball game (go Giants!) or the Opera.

squicks: character bashing, ship bashing, oppressively normative heterosexuality, beastiality, non-con, a/b/o, normative!AUs (coffee shops, high schools, etc.), deathfic, soulmates/fate/one-true-timeline.

triggers (do not include under any circumstance): mutilation, self-harm, body modification (“pre-existing” tattoos+piercings OK), mass-shootings, creepy sociopaths.

Relatedly, although pregnancy is sometimes included with body horror, it is a non-issue for me? The trope is not high on the list of my interests, but it is also totally cool if that’s your jam and you want to run with it.

If you want to deal with -isms, like racism, sexism, homophobia, ablism, transphobia, classism, etc. and how the characters respond, negotiate, resist, that’s ok — I just expect the characters impacted are given agency and the fic frames the -ism as unjust.

Ok so you may have sensed this already, but because I don’t write as nearly as much as I would like… I tend to get extra wordy in my letters. Oooh also you may have noticed one of my interests is negotiation! There’s a good chance you may like some of my ideas, but dislike others. The dear-author letter is totally fandom negotiation. Take what you like! Leave what you don’t. But by all means — have fun!

P.S. The length of paragraphs =/= preference or desire for one character more than another. I love all of these characters and shows! Just running short on time to adequately flail/prompt and some flail seems less potentially useful.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries )
The Bletchley Circle )
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine )
Agent Carter )
Maleficent (coming soon) )
Grimm )
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Coming Home to Me
Video: Nashville (TV) through episode 3x10
Audio: "Coming Home to Me" by Patty Griffin (featuring Julie Miller)
Notes: A gift for [personal profile] odessie, my assigned recipient (with excellent media taste) for [community profile] festivids 2014.

The beautiful, profound, unexpected and imperfect maternal and mentor relationships between Rayna, Juliette, Maddie, and Scarlett.

stream (on YouTube) | download ( (91mb) | srt to be uploaded by 2/16

lyrics )
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This was a placeholder! It's holding the place for flaily flaily paragraphs.

Not-so-subtle-vidding-imposter-syndrome-qualifier....I decided to sign up for Festivids because:

A) vidding for fanworks >>> vidding for career-works
B) Festivids is fucking awesome
C) Vidders are awesome and I want to make a present!
D) I just have so many fandoms that don't have enough (or any) vids ;__;

P.S. fandoms listed in chronology of when I more or less adopted them

And now the letter :)

General Things )
Music )
Maleficent )
Anne of Green Gables )
The Trouble With Angels )
Practical Magic )
Nashville )
Janelle Monaé videos )
Scott and Bailey )
Witches of East End )
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Thank you SO MUCH for writing me fic! My biggest want is moar stories about one of these ladies, so I’m sure I’m going to love whatever you write. Also, I want to apologize in posting this so ridiculously late in the exchange. I imagine that you have started writing a fic bunny you already had floating around. EXCELLENT! But, in case you have not and you would like prompting, I figured I’d share my scattered thoughts.

I have a ridiculously broad taste in fic and I know that if any of these ladies is the focus of the story I am going to be SO SO into it. I have lots of ideas about these characters, relationships and questions I’m interested in exploring, but this post is by no means prescriptive. If you have an idea you’re really keen on that you think is a good match for one of my requests — go for it! This is DOUBLY so because I am just so late posting this (letter writing timed with end of quarter—not good!).

Basic Interests

not interested in )

very interested in )

smut )

kinks I like )


black be posted )

lost be posted )

Orange is the New Black )

Star Trek TNG )

Warehouse 13 )

Witches of East End )

If none of this helps, or if you never read it! or whatever! I hope you're having fun writing fic.
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The [community profile] wiscon_vidparty online vidding workshop is open for discussion, starting now and continuing all weekend! Several amazing vidders, including co-host [personal profile] chaila, will be answering your questions and talking vidding. Somehow, I get to play along too :D

The workshop runs all weekend, so check in and say hi! If you have questions about getting started, vidding faster, learning a particularly cool effect, whatever it is, now's your chance!
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[personal profile] mammothluv asked me "Favorite tropes (character, fanfic, relationship, show, etc.)"

AWESOME PROMPT. Let me preface by saying: I love a LOT of tropes. This subject WILL get revisited again and again throughout the meme. Because I love a LOT of tropes. A LOT. But for today:

favorite ship tropes for pairings )
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Sadly I'm still playing catch-up with this quarter, so I won't be taking on the December/Winter Break meme until Saturday, after my final eval back to my schoolwork -- where I also write about the internet and outer space.

*tries to remember how talking about the internet and outer space is fun*
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Copied from almost everyone.

Topic open house for December Winter Break (which will actually get me to post more at all). Getting a head start during our eval week because yknow, life balance and sanity and ambitiousness and it may be nice to write about something with run on sentences every now and then.

Pick a date below, give me a topic and I'll post about it. Fannishness, kittens, darling, school, politics, queerness, obsessions, sex+kinks, my projects, family crap, and um well just about anything.

I will do my best to write on the topics provided unless I feel ill-equipped. Then I'll ask you for another prompt or make my best guess as to what you'd be interested in.

1. Favorite tropes (character, fanfic, relationship, show, etc.) for [personal profile] mammothluv
2. Futura. Futura and Jpeg. Pictures and stories of all things kitteh for [personal profile] chaila
3. Scott & Bailey and created family! (Or just WHY SCOTT & BAILEY AWESOME AND PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH IT.) for [personal profile] runawaynun
4. amazing video production school-related life journey skills for [personal profile] beccatoria
5. new house! with pictures for [personal profile] chaila
6. what fictional characters do you identify with and why? for [ profile] looklikemine
7. when you feel insecure what do you do to try to feel reassured? for [ profile] looklikemine
8. how did you learn about sex? any hot sex dreams lately? why do your pheromones smell good to rebekah for [ profile] looklikemine
9. TELL US ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. How you met, cute stories, whatever! for [personal profile] mammothluv
10. Ageplay ships for [ profile] beerbad

As a BONUS! I'll leave a comment on your journal the same day as well (link if you wanna choose the post too).
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I found childhood treasure!


Every year of elementary school, each student had to publish an original work. Every grade level wrote within a larger organizing genre. In 2nd grade, we wrote an alphabet book using alliteration (mine: "Monsters and People A to Z,"). And, in 4th grade, we wrote a collection of poetry demonstrating several forms and traditions. This may have been the professional highlight of my elementary writing career. This was the year my work was selected to represent my elementary school's 4th grade class at the county-wide Young Authors' Fair.

Highlights of the Young Authors' Fair included several hilariously non-literary forums, including how-to-be-a-clown, face-painting, and making-balloon-animals (my 3 choices), as well as AUTHOR READINGS. That's right, children reading their work to 30 or so parents and school administrators. I remember being very self-conscious while reading my Not-Safe-For-Elementary-School poem that rhymed Elvis and "pelvis," and being concerned people would think I was earnestly interested in Elvis's pelvis. In my defense, I am fairly certain it is impossible to write a non-dirty limerick.

Anyway, my 4th grade collection was for the masses. My 5th grade publication was my true opus. For 5th grade, the task was narrative fiction, specifically the short story. Following the success of my poetry collection, I felt confident I could take on a more ambitious project, and with permission of my teacher, attempted to write a multi-chapter novel.

Writing such a large project was not beyond the scope of my imagination or reading level, but unquestionably beyond my organizational abilities. I wrote several conflicting outlines, labored over original character names, and pushed deadlines to the very last minute. (This will be evident when you read it!) While I did get my story out in time for the presses, it did not meet the deadline for YA Fair. Grown-ups reassured me I was ineligible anyway because I attended last year.

However, I was mostly concerned that the version published was a very rough first draft and wished very hard that no one would ever read it. I think I intended it to be somewhere around 20+ chapters, and the final copy only included 5 1/2 (if you count the prologue!) For YEARS thinking about it made me feel uncomfortable. There is a similar incident in 7th grade when I attempted to write a symphony.

Anyway, while visiting family this past week, I discovered my elementary school publications in a very worn box at my dad's house.... and so, Julie and I read "THE GEM" ... and it is hilarious.


Title: the Gem
Fandom: Original (slight crossover with daytime soaps* and looney toons if you squint)
Word Count: no clue. we didn't have spellcheck back then either
Trigger Warnings: graphic violence, murder, gore, child labor and human trafficking, pizza assault, starvation, white ghosts of exposition, internalized racist ideas of beauty, threats of damnation, body possession, unintentional gender swap, fuzzy math, gratuitous roadrunner.

* my family was HARDCORE into Days of Our Lives, which was SO FUCKING GOOD in 1993. Also it got really supernatural and weird. The Devil possessed Marlena and Vivian buried Carly alive in a coffin, then taunted her from the outside via walkie-talkie!!!

THE GEM: a supernatural thriller, featuring femslashy orphans )
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*puts on an old-timey hat* Dearest friends Internet fairies closest to my (heaving) bosom, I call you to this post to share in our delight of the miracle that is Dolley Madison, REBORN! Beholdeth our liveblog!

*puts on theatre manager hat* The role of Dolley Madison will be played tonight by the exquisite Eve Best. Familiar to discerning audiences as the ever-illuminescent Doctor Eleanor O'Hara on the program "Nurse Jackie." If you are not familiar, perhaps this gif-ification will prove inspiring.

(please turn off your cell phones) )

credits: [personal profile] chaila, [personal profile] cyborganize, and [personal profile] metatxt

You can watch this epic masterpiece at PBS, Netflix and Hulu


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