Feb. 28th, 2015

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Hey there anon! This is so rad — we have a character and fandom in common! I am really, really excited to read the fic you write and learn how the character(s) we share live in your heart and mind. Thank you in advance for the time, energy, and labor you spend on this fic. As a fandom participant who does not create nearly as much as I would like, I am acutely aware of how precious that time is.

I realize some folks feel boxed in by letters and others (like me) are really eager to read the thoughts and feelings of their recipient to help prompt or shape the eventual fic. If you’re in the former category, I’ll do my best to keep the essentials concise, and you can skip the more detailed fandom and character sections.

In a nutshell: canon-consistent characterization = yay! Deviating from canon anywhere else? Fantastic! Strongly prefer exploring relationships between women. Furthermore, you can femslash anyone on this list and I’d be giddy. I adore gen as well though, so write what sounds fun. The few het pairings I enjoy are mentioned with the relevant character(s) below, but I strongly prefer het to exist within poly relationships (het ok, monogamy ok, but not together).

squees: gen, femslash, queerness, polyamory, porn, kink (particularly when used to explore nuances of character), relationship studies, character studies, backstories, flash-forwards, narratives that fork from canon at a particular point, time-travel, bits of meta sprinkled in, world-building! AUs (science fiction / fantasy), crossovers, comfort!fic —

— non-sexual mentor relationships, friendships! found family and unique family formations, bonding across significant differences, identity issues!, competing desires, power dynamics, explicit and enthusiastic consent! Negotiation — characters expressing want, setting boundaries, conversing and contemplating how those desires can (or cannot) be met within their relationship, and if you’re gonna write fluff there better be fluffy animal (or ok they don’t have to be fluffy — dragons, tardigrades, orcas, etc. etc. etc. are cool too).

Non-sequitur!squees if you’re looking for a “what would happen if” situation, like “Character A” goes to (fill in the blank) — I really dig baseball and opera. Send anyone to a baseball game (go Giants!) or the Opera.

squicks: character bashing, ship bashing, oppressively normative heterosexuality, beastiality, non-con, a/b/o, normative!AUs (coffee shops, high schools, etc.), deathfic, soulmates/fate/one-true-timeline.

triggers (do not include under any circumstance): mutilation, self-harm, body modification (“pre-existing” tattoos+piercings OK), mass-shootings, creepy sociopaths.

Relatedly, although pregnancy is sometimes included with body horror, it is a non-issue for me? The trope is not high on the list of my interests, but it is also totally cool if that’s your jam and you want to run with it.

If you want to deal with -isms, like racism, sexism, homophobia, ablism, transphobia, classism, etc. and how the characters respond, negotiate, resist, that’s ok — I just expect the characters impacted are given agency and the fic frames the -ism as unjust.

Ok so you may have sensed this already, but because I don’t write as nearly as much as I would like… I tend to get extra wordy in my letters. Oooh also you may have noticed one of my interests is negotiation! There’s a good chance you may like some of my ideas, but dislike others. The dear-author letter is totally fandom negotiation. Take what you like! Leave what you don’t. But by all means — have fun!

P.S. The length of paragraphs =/= preference or desire for one character more than another. I love all of these characters and shows! Just running short on time to adequately flail/prompt and some flail seems less potentially useful.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries )
The Bletchley Circle )
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine )
Agent Carter )
Maleficent (coming soon) )
Grimm )


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