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Dear Festividder,

Yay! a lot of fandoms I love are in Festivals. I put them in alphabetical order because I get decisionitis if I try to rank my fandoms. I have a lot of flail inside about these fandoms. And you’re making me a VID for one of these?! Thank you! You are just FANTASTIC. I cannot tell you how excited I am to receive a vid for any one of these fandoms.

Regarding music: go with what you feel. If I have ideas for specific types of music with various fandoms, I will note it, but really — they’re just ideas. I like pop, hip-hop, r&b, motown, opera, musicals, some rock, some punk, some country, and always unusual, non-music audio tracks. I don’t like industrial rock, metal, gothic rock, etc.



Oh, Slayoncé.

I would really love any sort of remix that digs deeper into the musical, historical, or cinematic influences of Lemonade, and specifically, perhaps exclusively, works that are by African-American women. A remix with visuals from Daughters of the Dust? or exclusive Lemonade visuals with a Nina Simone soundtrack? Alternately, exploring the larger context of Lemonade-- via intersections with BLM or even the broader pop/r&b scene. I am really interested in seeing what you come up with here, so please do not feel limited by these suggestions! I only mean to say that I want a broader focus, rather than a more localized or narrow focus in the approach (e.g. simplification of Lemonade into a singular narrative around marital betrayal). Broader focus could also be Lemonade within Beyoncé’s larger oeuvre and public image? Lots of different directions here.


Kelly Sue DeConnick fandoms: I would *really* love a vid for either of these fandoms. Kelly Sue DeConnick is a Guest of Honor at WisCon this year. And to celebrate her work, WisCon Vid Party (of which I am an organizer), will be putting together a vid playlist featuring Kelly Sue DeConnick fandoms. So, know that if you go with this option, I will want to screen the vid at WisCon Vid Party. Hopefully, you find that exciting! That said, if you want to make me a vid for one of these fandoms but do not want it to screen at WisCon Vid Party? Well, vidders can tell us no and we listen. I’d still be delighted to see you make a vid for either of these fandoms!


This comic hit me HARD when it first came out and I have to say it is really extra terrifying and important and meaningful to me after what we all have been through with this US Presidential Election cycle. Fuck. Kyriarchy and the media feedback loop that keeps it all going? A collective resistance born from an understanding of solidarity across difference? A resistance united to disrupt and dismantle a decentralized, omnipresent, multi-tentacled oppressor? I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT.

And the thing is, I love EVERY FEMALE CHARACTER. Literally all of them. Just give me anything about any of them and this fucked up world. You can give me a very contained fandom-only vid, bust into feminist and critical theory, or multi-fandom with RPF or similar media. You cannot go wrong with a Bitch Planet vid.


This is one of those areas where I should have far far more to say than I do? It’s just it feels so good and right that it seems obvious and unnecessary to elaborate. Carol Danvers is fucking awesome. She creates herself. Bottom line. All that matters. All that matters to me here. Carol Danvers and her commitment to be her best because she owes it to herself, as much as she owes it to anyone. Excellence and public service. I really dig that. And the skiessss! the skies belong to Captain Marvel and she belongs to the skies. Now, I know that time travel in Marvel is often as much a headache as a pleasure, but I really, really love it. Carol Danvers just soaring through the skies and space and time. Gimme.



This is one of those things where I love everything so, so much, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with whatever you decide. It’s like a double-safety. Ghostbusters gives me all the feels.

1. Saturday morning cartoons were defined by Ghostbusters. My favorite video game as a kid was the Atari Ghostbusters game and even though I had the prototype version that crapped out (almost) every time I finally trapped a ghost, I STILL played it endlessly. My nostalgia does not mean I have some fixed definition or expectation of Ghostbusters, it just means I love it, like a lot.

2. Oh my glob, THIS Ghostbusters. Women of science! Femslash! Epic, glorious femslash! Multi-ship femslash! But, also the science! The meta-references to the context in which the film was born — the hostile trolling from sexist nerd bros, and the meta-victories within the film. And while there are clear references to the misogynistic reception the film received before it was even in production, there are other amazing thematic engagements with feminism as well. Throughout the movie women pursue science and are continually mansplained, ridiculed, disbelieved, and patronized.
One of the things that I always struggled with re: Scully in the X-Files is that women are always the irrational characters in a rational world, while in the X-Files, Scully was the rational one in an irrational world. Now I know it isn’t that simple — and I LOVE Scully like woah and we don’t have time for my 100,000 thoughts on X-Files. But, quite frequently, the perceptions of female characters (educated or not) are rejected by the surrounding world they exist within. So it is really refreshing and cathartic to see a movie where: the women have experiential knowledge; they have scientific knowledge; they present their findings; they are routinely dismissed, disbelieved, and punished for their work; and ultimately — they save the world because of their commitment to the scientific method and a belief in their own abilities. Whatever they face, at the end of the day, their perceptions are backed up by the plot of the movie! I fucking love that!

3. the FEMSLASH - Let’s just roll around in this for days. In my head-canon, Abby/Erin is totally a thing and they are obviously exes who come back together, and Holtzmann is very clearly the fandom bicycle who has relationships (first Abby, then Erin, and of course, PATTY… and finally viewer/reader) and no one goes into it thinking they’ll be Jillian’s one and only, and Patty is probably the straightest of the bunch, but Jillian is her exception, and also Jillian is queer but also totally into Erin and Patty hooking up with Kevin. IDK it’s all just a femslashy and queer pile of poly delight. And hey — none of this is a deal-breaker essential for a Ghostbusters vid. I could be very down for a platonic feminist sci-fi romp vid. After all, femslash is not my sole axis of enjoyment with this franchise. It’s just that I’ve got a LOT of fandoms on here without femslash ships, which is rare for me. So you should know that the majority of my femslash feels are concentrated here. Fuck, just give me a vid of Holtzmann making out with everyone / the viewer.



Before I ever saw Pitch, I loved baseball. I LOVE baseball. I’m kind of annoying in how I love baseball. I come from a baseball family. Other sports are fine and all, but baseball is profound. I also still have childhood resentment about the fact I couldn’t play baseball and had to play softball growing up…and by the way, the softball teams couldn’t have MLB team names?! So we all ended up with team names (Blue Angels?!) that were clearly in response to overriding fears about how softball might interfere with the development of our femininity. I’m not bitter.
Anyway, the point being, a vid about Ginny’s love of the game would make me SO happy. A crossover vid of Pitch with RPF-baseball, contextualizing Ginny in actual baseball history, would make me SO happy. I definitely dig Ginny’s relationships with the characters on the show, but so far, I don’t ship her with anyone? And I reaaaaally hate her ex-boyfriend. I particularly enjoy Lawson and Amelia Slater, fwiw. I am guessing this would be a genny-Ginny vid? Of course, we’re like… 4 episodes into the series, so by all means, future you probably has a better idea of what I would be interested in than present-me.



Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart. Female villains. Allison Janney owning it. Spies! So much spying! And Susan Cooper being continually underestimated and better than everyone. I have some really really obvious buttons throughout this letter. This movie is just exceedingly fun. I appreciate Jude Law and Jason Statham making fun of themselves quite a lot, but I think it’s fairly obvious that I’m here for the ladies. Speaking of which — yes, I ship Susan/Nancy. Honestly though — I just like watching Susan continually pwning. I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts about this one, but a boppy kickass Spy vid would delight me!


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