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This was a placeholder! It's holding the place for flaily flaily paragraphs.

Not-so-subtle-vidding-imposter-syndrome-qualifier....I decided to sign up for Festivids because:

A) vidding for fanworks >>> vidding for career-works
B) Festivids is fucking awesome
C) Vidders are awesome and I want to make a present!
D) I just have so many fandoms that don't have enough (or any) vids ;__;

P.S. fandoms listed in chronology of when I more or less adopted them

And now the letter :)

General Things
Thank you thank you thank you Festividder for making me a vid! I have a lot of flailiness below but that just means when it comes to delighting me with vids -- I'm easy. If you have an idea already? Excellent! Want to use a frequently vidded song? Awesome. Really these fandoms need love and sometimes there's nothing more validating to a fandom than being vidded to by a well-vidded song. Want to get experimental and weird? Into! Want to incorporate fanworks like fanart or podcasts or?? Totally! (just please get their permission or find their blanket permission statement). Want to be critical or get meta? Awesome! Fill a kink bingo square? Abso-luuuutely.

The TL;DR of all the bits below: Focus on female characters is important. Also, content notes would be swell.

Anyway, have fun! And thank you!


I have fairly eclectic taste. Here’s a link to my rdio <>. The shorthand: I love Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, Punk, Electronica, Opera, Jazz (mostly New Orleans), Americana, Rock, Broadway, some Indie, some Country, some Jam bands, and a lot of random experimental stuff. If you wanna get weird here, I’d be way into that. I love vids that use experimental or crack-y audio source, including: spoken word, remixes, podcasts, Sesame Street or Disney songs, etc. I am not really interested in a mash-up using another show’s theme song or recasting a credits sequence, however.

I should probably also make a note here that if we’re talking a straight-from-the-can, no-remixed-audio-track, I am stupidly excited about the idea of one of my other-than-Janelle-Monaé fandoms vidded to a Janelle Monaé song or one of the other-than-Nashville fandoms vidded to a song from the show Nashville (please no earnest Avery solos or Layla Grant songs, thanks). It’s silly, but I’m into it. Again, totally optional!

By and large, I prefer female vocalists for vids, since the audio-track often serves as commentary or an expression of character or fan interiority. I can be flexible here if you have a great song that serves your idea well. My road trip mix tends to look something like this: Janelle Monaé, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Jean Grae, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, Daft Punk, Animal Collective, Patti Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Scissor Sisters, Bjork, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Nashville soundtracks (OMGS I loooooove the music from the show), Trisha Yearwood, Dixie Chicks, Magnetic Fields, Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips, Janetttttt OMFGS JANET JACKSON, etc. etc. etc.

I’d say artists that I dislike, but vidders continue to find ways to make me like songs I wasn’t that into before I saw the vid. Also, watching vids is one of the primary ways I learn about new-to-me artists! So please don’t feel like you have to vid from that ridiculously long list above or follow my fandom-specific suggestions below — just trying to be helpful.

Maleficent (2014) [Movie]

My very first ship! Soooo I’ve been a big fan of Maleficent/Aurora since I was a tiny child in the theatre and Maleficent scared me in my pants. Needless to say, watching this movie was an extraordinary experience. My love for the film isn’t limited to childhood shipping, however. I adore the politics of this film, and particularly the eco-feminism. I love how this film frames the competing ideologies as sustainability and (queer) community versus dominance and capital (including heteronormative family as capital). I love Maleficent’s wings as a metaphor for the phallic woman (feminist theory term). I was devastated when *spoiler* happened and so relieved that Aurora was integral in restoring Maleficent.

As with all of my requests, I would be delighted with a gen vid, a dirty kinky ship vid, or anything in between. Malora, Maleficent the kinky domme and her delightful pets, community-building, or Maleficent’s incredible arc from anger to love would all be wonderful. Please no Maleficent/Stefan. Maleficent/Diaval/Aurora OT3 is fine, but Maleficent/Diaval alone really misses the boat for me. Some crossover with the animated 1959 Disney musical is fine, as is use of other fan works (provided you ask artist/author permission re: transformative works).

Anne of Green Gables series (starring Megan Follows) [Movie]

I do not have too many specific ideas here, but I do have a lot of feelings about Anne Shirley and Marilla (not as a ship though!) and their queerly-blended family. Anne is fearless in standing up for herself, which I adore, but it is her vulnerability and resilience that really makes my heart melt. The thing is, in spite of everything that is thrown at her, she tries and she tries really earnestly and she fights for what she thinks is right or what she thinks she deserves and no matter how soul-crushing the failures or gleeful her successes she perseveres all the same. She has this indelible spirit and bravery that I both admired and wanted of myself. My first hope would be an Anne-centric character-study vid.

Next on the list— femslash! As a small child, I totally shipped Anne and Diana. I would watch (or read) over and over as though Diana might one day make better choices and not break Anne’s heart (or mine). Maybe it was my own teenage experiences with disappointment in romantic relationships, but I am totally able to resent Diana for her poor choices and judge her completely for not running off with Anne. So while I would be *way* into a femslash vid, I would prefer it to include Anne’s later (potential) loves from Avonlea as well.

My third, but equal, hope is for a Marilla-centric character-study vid or a Marilla-and-Anne’s familial relationship vid. Holy shit. Marilla. The idea that she could be an older, unmarried lady who lives with her brother and it’s all just fineeeee?? talk about AWESOME transformative representations for youth. Fuck yeah spinsterhood. Marilla is not easily bewildered by much, because of her very reliable and steady approach to life’s rules and social customs, so I absolutely love how she is initially exasperated, but ultimately transformed by loving Anne, this effusive, chaotic ball of energy. Generally speaking, no crossovers, but incorporating other fan works is fine (provided permission, etc. etc.)

The Trouble With Angels (1966) [Movie]

I really only want one thing here: a ridiculously shippy femslash vid. Here’s my head!canon: most of the nuns are gay. Mother Superior and Lagourie are totally in a relationship (seriously, if you have seen this movie before and didn’t notice this, watch it again and you will see it is canon). Mary and Rachel have this intense friendship with latent romantic feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Mary continues to get in trouble to make Mother Superior pay attention to her because Mary really wants/needs a Domme/Mommy/older-woman-in-a-non-kinky-but-totally-gay-way-if-you-must. Some of Mary’s attention getting also lets her impress Rachel, but other times it just serves her own curiosity (giving tours of the nuns residences and beds).

Yes, Mary goes through a transformation during her time at St. Francis, but I don’t believe it is exclusively religious. In fact, I’d argue that an integral part of her desire to submit herself to God is also a desire to submit herself to Mother Superior’s “guidance.”

Practical Magic (1998) [Movie]

Music ideas: Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac?

Sisters. Magic. Spinsters. It’s all here. As well as a serious fetish for small town New England living. Surprise! (for no one): I am less invested in the sisters relationships with men and more interested in their relationships with each other, as well as the generational aspect. I mean… I do care that they get who and what they want! But I find the character development for the male characters fairly thin, so characterizing the sheriff dude as some big prize rather than as a symbolic and material representation of the stakes of the curse feels false to me.

Here’s what I love: the sisters relationship with each other, being co-moms to the kiddos, magic, bamfiness, etc. I love that Sally opens a local apothecary! It’s very proto-hipster looking, with its neatly organized glass jars. I am a big fan of the interior set design in general. I love how the community is openly awful to them because they don’t understand and how this serves as a metaphor for internalized sexism. But then when they have to save Gillian from being possessed, they turn to this totally gendered technology: the phone tree! to gather a coven.

In any case, I’m fairly open to what kind of Practical Magic vid you’d want to make. Not that interested in angst, however. Gen, character-study, incesty-femslash, crossover, experimental — all good!

Nashville US (2012) [TV]

Music ideas: female solo artists from 90s country -- Trisha, Patty, Pam, Faith, Mary Chapin, etc. or 60s/70s -- like Dolly, Loretta, Tammy, etc.

When I started watching this I thought for sure my only favorite would be Rayna, but as it continues to progress I can’t help but love nearly everyone on this show. I would really dig a character study for Rayna, Juliette, Zoey, Maddie and Daphne, or Scarlett, but I would equally adore a vid about any of their relationships with each other. My first choice would probably be a vid about Rayna, Juliette and their mentoring relationship. I would also be interested in a vid about Rayna and her daughters, primarily Maddie, of course. Zoey and Scarlett could also be great!
Regarding shipping, I’m pretty OK with most of the main ships, so you don’t have to cut around them, but I’m not really interested in a ship vid.

Janelle Monaé videos

Eeeeee! Janelle Monaé videos! I would really love a vid that ties her Cindi Mayweather albums and universe to her musical influences and to her science fiction influences (I know this is totally a big ask). I’m going to put aside just how much I fucking *adooooore* Janelle Monaé’s music and talk about the world she creates within it. I love how this universe interrogates questions of personhood and citizenship through the lens of cyborgs and Afro-futurism as an allegory that reflects on issues surrounding race, class, sexuality and gender. I love the thematic through-lines of love, music and rhythm as modalities of resistance.

Incorporating music from artists who influenced Janelle Monaé would be super rad — folks like: Prince, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, etc. Some of her science fiction influences include: Octavia Butler, Metropolis, Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, Blade Runner, etc. Fidelity to the true list of Janelle Monaé’s SF/F influences is not quite as important as placing her work within the larger feminist sci-fi canon.

I would also be open to a constructed AU narrative within the Cindi Mayweather universe. Crossover is totally great, but I would prefer more recognizable franchises be used sparingly so not to decenter the Janelle Monaé universe. Use of fan works (with permission), ship vids, political protest within Cindi Mayweather-verse, character studies — all good!!

Scott and Bailey [TV]

Ugh MY FEELS. Rachel Bailey. Janet Scott. Gill Murray. I would love just about anything about these women. Character-study of Rachel Bailey and her bad decision theatre? YES PLEASE. Character-study of Rachel Bailey learning to be a functional adult under the tutelage of Janet Scott and Gill Murray? EVEN BETTERRRR. Janet Scott being incredibly competent at everything and not suffering fools (men and Rachel included)? WONDERFUL. Gill Murray and Godzilla mash-up? DELIGHTFUL. Ship vids for any combination of these three ladies or even an OT3?? MARVELOUS. I’ll admit my primary ship is Rachel/Gill, but half the time Janet is my favorite character?? Who can decide on anything really. These are all fantastic female characters and I adore each one to bits and quite sincerely if you just want a montage of close-ups in slow-mo with someone reading the police scanner report I would probably be into that too. Anything. No really — ANYTHING! is a win here*

* quite obviously if you’ve seen the show though, none of the dudes are good enough for them so let’s not go there.

** AU where Janet Scott dates Gunnar Scott (Nashville). That’d be weird but hot right? *handwaves* seriously though… ANYTHING.

Witches of East End [TV]

Music ideas: Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac

So this is a total shot in the dark. All I care about are the relationships between the four women: Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid and Freya (Surprise! LOL). I do not care about the boys Freya and Ingrid sometimes date. In our house we usually watch Killian scenes remarking how much he looks like our cat Jpeg. We hate Dash. And I just don’t currrrrrrr about absentee dad or brother. Well absentee brother is kind of OK? a little bit? *handwaves* I’m off-track here.

The point is: generations of women and magic and sekrit powers and each of them being some integral part of this foursome with their unique abilities and taking risks but saving each other a lot and trying to do the right thing but sometimes failing and forgiving each other a lot and hanging out in nighties together at the end of a long day and everyone being family and just a bit more important to each other than everyone else. Also past lives! So many past lives.

Crossover with Practical Magic would be delightful (but not required). Gen vid focusing on their family and magic would be incredible. Character-study on any of the four Beauchamps — perfection. Just no ship vids. Unless you want the vid to get incesty (which is totally in my world of things here but so not expected or required).
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