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Dear Festividder,

Yay! a lot of fandoms I love are in Festivals. I put them in alphabetical order because I get decisionitis if I try to rank my fandoms. I have a lot of flail inside about these fandoms. And you’re making me a VID for one of these?! Thank you! You are just FANTASTIC. I cannot tell you how excited I am to receive a vid for any one of these fandoms.

Regarding music: go with what you feel. If I have ideas for specific types of music with various fandoms, I will note it, but really — they’re just ideas. I like pop, hip-hop, r&b, motown, opera, musicals, some rock, some punk, some country, and always unusual, non-music audio tracks. I don’t like industrial rock, metal, gothic rock, etc.





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Fandom: Jupiter Ascending
Music: One Beattt by Sleater-Kinney
Notes: Festivids gift for [ profile] sabaceanbabe Thanks to [personal profile] cyborganize for the beta. Originally posted here.
TW: graphic childbirth, forced bondage, torture with medical instruments, sequence of fast splices at 0:30-0:32.

Streaming | Download 120mb | srt

Jupiter Jones: Earth's Galactic SJW, who falls for her loyal bodyguard (a dogman from space)

Password = Festividz!

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Dear Festividder,

Thank you thank you thank you Festividder for making me a vid! I have a lot of flailiness below but that just means when it comes to delighting me with vids -- I'm easy. If you have an idea already? Excellent! Want to use a frequently vidded song? Awesome. Really these fandoms need love and sometimes there's nothing more validating to a fandom than being vidded to by a well-vidded song. Want to get experimental and weird? Into! Want to incorporate fanworks like fanart or podcasts or?? Totally! (just please credit the fanartists!). Want to be critical or get meta? Awesome! Fill a kink bingo square? Abso-luuuutely.

Access: While in general I am a "vid what you want" kinda gal, shots of gore and body horror can trigger some really unpleasant stuff with my OCD (this is mostly an issue with the three crime shows, obvs). If you include some of these shots, that's ok! just don't linger? and please include a trigger warning so I know. Also, I'd really appreciate captions of the final vid, for my own enjoyment and as a necessity for friends I'd like to share the vid with.

The TL;DR of all the bits below: Focus on female characters is IMPORTANT.

Anyway, have fun! And thank you!

p.s. fandoms listed in order from safety to most source to still image.

Music )

The Trouble With Angels )

Pitch Perfect )

The Bletchley Circle )

Extant )

Scott and Bailey )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )

Fun Home )

Hark! A Vagrant )


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This was a placeholder! It's holding the place for flaily flaily paragraphs.

Not-so-subtle-vidding-imposter-syndrome-qualifier....I decided to sign up for Festivids because:

A) vidding for fanworks >>> vidding for career-works
B) Festivids is fucking awesome
C) Vidders are awesome and I want to make a present!
D) I just have so many fandoms that don't have enough (or any) vids ;__;

P.S. fandoms listed in chronology of when I more or less adopted them

And now the letter :)

General Things )
Music )
Maleficent )
Anne of Green Gables )
The Trouble With Angels )
Practical Magic )
Nashville )
Janelle Monaé videos )
Scott and Bailey )
Witches of East End )


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