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Dear Festividder,

Thank you thank you thank you Festividder for making me a vid! I have a lot of flailiness below but that just means when it comes to delighting me with vids -- I'm easy. If you have an idea already? Excellent! Want to use a frequently vidded song? Awesome. Really these fandoms need love and sometimes there's nothing more validating to a fandom than being vidded to by a well-vidded song. Want to get experimental and weird? Into! Want to incorporate fanworks like fanart or podcasts or?? Totally! (just please credit the fanartists!). Want to be critical or get meta? Awesome! Fill a kink bingo square? Abso-luuuutely.

Access: While in general I am a "vid what you want" kinda gal, shots of gore and body horror can trigger some really unpleasant stuff with my OCD (this is mostly an issue with the three crime shows, obvs). If you include some of these shots, that's ok! just don't linger? and please include a trigger warning so I know. Also, I'd really appreciate captions of the final vid, for my own enjoyment and as a necessity for friends I'd like to share the vid with.

The TL;DR of all the bits below: Focus on female characters is IMPORTANT.

Anyway, have fun! And thank you!

p.s. fandoms listed in order from safety to most source to still image.


I have fairly eclectic taste. Here’s a link to my rdio <>. The shorthand: I love Pop, Soul, Hip-Hop, Punk, Electronica, Opera, Jazz (mostly New Orleans), Americana, Rock, Broadway, some Indie, some Country, and a lot of random experimental stuff. If you wanna get weird here, I’d be way into that. I love vids that use experimental or crack-y audio source, including: spoken word, remixes, podcasts, Sesame Street or Disney songs, etc. I am not really interested in a mash-up using another show’s theme song or recasting a credits sequence, however.

By and large, I prefer female vocalists for vids, since the audio-track often serves as commentary or an expression of character or fan interiority. I can be flexible here if you have a great song that serves your idea well. This year my faves have been: Pitch Perfect soundtracks, musical soundtracks, Janelle Monaé, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Jean Grae, Dessa, Taylor Swift, Halsey, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, Daft Punk, Animal Collective, Patti Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Bjork, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Nashville soundtracks (OMGS I loooooove the music from the show), Magnetic Fields, Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips, Janetttttt OMFGS JANET JACKSON, etc. etc. etc.

I’d say artists that I dislike, but vidders continue to find ways to make me like songs I wasn’t that into before I saw the vid. For example.... last year my amazing Festivid by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic used Iggy Azalea's "Black Widow" and I was like "Whaaa? Iggy Azalea?!" but THE VID IS SO AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! so yknow, whatever works for your vision! Also, watching vids is one of the primary ways I learn about new-to-me artists! So please don’t feel like you have to vid from that ridiculously long list above or follow any fandom-specific music suggestions below — just trying to be helpful.

Oh! you're welcome to vid all non-Pitch Perfect fandoms to Pitch Perfect songs, EXCEPT "Any Way You Want It" because I'm working on a vid to that and I don't know how I'd feel about it? I am also not socially graceful enough to know how to navigate that.

The Trouble With Angels (1966) [Movie] [SAFETY]

If you have not seen this movie, and I am assuming you have not, it's a tale of a very rebellious teen girl, named Mary Clancy (Hayley Mills) who gets into all sorts of trouble with her best friend Rachel while they live at a Catholic boarding school. The movie has no obvious plot, but is more a series of vignettes that are only held together by Mary's evolving relationship and dynamic with disciplinarian and headmistress, Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell). The movie was written and directed by a woman (Ida Lupino) and has a cameo from the real Gypsy Rose Lee! Between Mary/Rachel, Mary/her-cousin-who-hates-her-Marvel-Anne, Mary/Mother Superior (the heart of it all, tbh!), and the actual factual canon Mother Superior/Sister Lagourie, The Trouble With Angels is about as femslashtastic as you can get.

I would adore a vid about Mary, Mother Superior, their relationship (shippy, maternal, shippy-AND-maternal, platonic, or w/e), or just the lady vibe of the whole damn movie. There are MANY hijinks and in spite of (or because of) the light plotting it is incredibly viddable.

Pitch Perfect movies

*sighs* *swoons* *falls over in a mess of sobbing fangirl trash* Pitch Perfect ate my brain this year and I am at a loss how to adequately convey my complete and utter obsession. First! first. I love all of these awesome nerds. If you wanted to make an ensemble vid, I would love it to pieces. If! if however, you wanted to make a character study vid for Beca Mitchell or Chloe Beale I would probably flail around on the ground shrieking in delight. Andddd if you decided to make a Bechloe (Beca/Chloe) ship vid, I'd probably breathe slowly into a paper bag (so I don't entirely pass out), black out for a few minutes, and then watch in 5 second increments until my feels catch up with me enough to watch all in one go because I am a frakking LANDFILL OF TRASH for BECHLOE. I am super serious about loving an ensemble vid though.

Oooh other important things! I love Aubrey! I love the OT3 of Beca/Chloe/Aubrey! I love Fat Amy! I appreciate the het ships of this fandom, but would never, ever want a het ship vid. So you don't have to cut around it? but Jesse/Beca or Amy/Bumper shouldn't be the point of the vid, either.

Also, please do not mistake brevity here for my level of passion for Pitch Perfect. I'm ACA-SERIOUS ABOUT THIS ONE. I guess my only note is just don't vid it to one of the songs from the soundtrack or one of the originals they cover within the soundtrack? Like... that's it.

the Bletchley Circle [TV: 7 episodes]

We have reached the first of my three "I LOVE LADIES WHO SOLVE CRIMES TOGETHER (WHO ALSO SPEAK IN NON-US ACCENTS)" fandoms.

I love Susan. I love Millie. I love Susan/Millie. *take a drink if you're not surprised* I also love Jean! and I love Lucy and I love Alice, and of course, Lizzie. Other things I love about this show: teamwork; the quiet secrecy of their collaboration; codebreaking as metaphor for unlocking something deeper about each of the women -- their intelligence, perseverance, and commitment to justice; the pleasure of a puzzle! their commitment to each other; codebreaking as metaphor for navigating society's imposed restrictions for women; and of course, their commitment to justice and solving crimes as a means to stay connected and present in each others' lives.

Ensemble, character-study or ship vids welcome here. Crossovers or multifandom with either or both of my other two crime-solving shows (MFMM and Scott and Bailey) also OK!

Extant [TV: 26 episodes]

Somewhat surprised this is my only science-fiction show on here, but it sets a really high bar and I love it SO MUCH.

I am not yet caught up on S2, but I will be by January. So you can vid S2! but also this part of my letter is written with an understanding of characters up through S1. For example, I hear I may like Julie less in S2? or maybe I'll like her more?? IDK.

Either way, I'm in this show for 3 things: 1. MOLLY, 2. ETHAN THE BABY AI, 3. AMAZING THEMATIC EXPLORATION OF RACE/GENDER POLITICS. This is the only time I have thought a magical pregnancy storyline was done well and brought about interesting questions. Raising the question of "the right to motherhood" something that largely affects women of color and poor women, rather than the right to NOT choose motherhood, well... I am just so into that part of this show. Not to mention how Molly's alien kid feels divided between different communities and value systems, and is always seen by humans as this threat of violence just because of who and what he is (hello, parallel for the criminalization of blackness). Basically, I'm really into the way Extant explores negotiating difference interpersonally and structurally. I also always have a soft spot for AIs, and particularly baby AIs, so Ethan's journey is another angle I'd be into.

As an aside, I really like how Molly's marriage feels real? it isn't perfect but it isn't a disaster either. It's complex and they love each other and they're each their own person. So unlike other fandoms where I'm just 110% femslash! It's ok if Molly's marriage is a big part of the vid. Now thinking about it... it would be sort of hilarious if you vid this for me because last year's vid also featured Goran Visnjic. Obvs his character in Extant >>>>> his psychopath character in Practical Magic.

TL;DR: I am most interested in a vid about Molly and motherhood, but anything that focuses on Molly or Ethan would be wonderful.

Scott and Bailey [TV: 30 episodes]

Ha! my feelings about Scott and Bailey have not changed. Here's copy/pasta from last year:

Ugh MY FEELS. Rachel Bailey. Janet Scott. Gill Murray. I would love just about anything about these women. Character-study of Rachel Bailey and her bad decision theatre? YES PLEASE. Character-study of Rachel Bailey learning to be a functional adult under the tutelage of Janet Scott and Gill Murray? EVEN BETTERRRR. Janet Scott being incredibly competent at everything and not suffering fools (men and Rachel included)? WONDERFUL. Gill Murray and Godzilla mash-up? DELIGHTFUL. Ship vids for any combination of these three ladies or even an OT3?? MARVELOUS. I’ll admit my primary ship is Rachel/Gill, but half the time Janet is my favorite character?? Who can decide on anything really. These are all fantastic female characters and I adore each one to bits and quite sincerely if you just want a montage of close-ups in slow-mo with someone reading the police scanner report I would probably be into that too. Anything. No really — ANYTHING! is a win here*

* quite obviously if you’ve seen the show though, none of the dudes are good enough for them so let’s not go there.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [TV: 34 episodes]

PHRYNEEEEEE FISHERRRRR. DOT! AND MAC! AND JACK! (and Hugh) and Burt and Cec! and Aunt Prudence! and Mr. Butler! and JAAAAANE. I love everyone in this bar. Oooh and Rosie! I love Rosie. seriously I love EVERYONE IN THIS BAR. Surprise! it's a fandom where I love the hetship OTP. Probably not as much as [personal profile] cyborganize or [personal profile] gabolange or a lot of my other MFMM friends, but I do love Phrack! And I love them in a Phryne is still very much poly sort of way. That said, I'm also super into Phryne/Mac?! and Phryne/Dot?! and Jack/Hugh?! and Aunt Prudence/Bert/Cec! (seriously, and I'd say don't vid that, but if you wanted to vid that I think I'd be so delighted it existed that the fact it's a tertiary ship wouldn't even matter) I love Phryne/Jack/Rosie! and Phryne/Lin/Camilla! and also Mac/Dot and also everyone in a giant orgy of snuggles and dancing and flirting and bedroom eyes.

*breathes* OK. Honestly though, Character study vids? Ensemble vids? Ship vids? A+++++ The only boy who is allowed a solo-character-study vid is Jack, however. Every other dude must be couched in a ship or ensemble context for me to care long enough for a vid.

Oh you could even make a vid just about Phryne's wardrobe. That would be nice. Or a crack vid about how it's a fun murder show and Phryne is SO INTO MURDER. You could even use the Hark! A Vagrant comic, if yknow, you want. Whatever. I love this show. It's amazing.

Fun Home [graphic novel and/or musical]

Ugh this brings up so many bb!lesbian feels for me. I did not have a gay dad or a dad who committed suicide, so not in those ways, and I'm more fluid (and definitely trending femme right now) than butch. BUT! the layers of seeking connection and feeling out of place and trying to be seen and known and finding answers in books and strangers, THAT I connect with a LOT.

I love both the graphic novel and the musical. Obviously, the musical brings a level of intensity and pathos that is just so visceral, it's really viddable. Ring of Keys = MY HEART. But, there are other elements of the graphic novel (which is in my Top 10 books of forever and ever) that I missed in the transition to musical. I should note that I have listened to the cast recording and watched a lot of clips on YouTube but never actually attended. In either case, it's not like you'll have a full video recording of the musical to work from? so this bit seems relevant: I missed the layers of allusions in the graphic novel. I missed the way you get to be inside Allison's mind as she reads books and connects what she's reading with what she's experiencing. There's a layering and a way that Fun Home the Graphic Novel is also a love-letter to finding oneself through reading that I really missed with the musical. I think this is also a great opportunity to bring in outside sources, like clips or quotes or images from some of the books she reads in the graphic novel to fill in and contextualize, since you won't have a full recording of the musical to work with.

In terms of relationships: #1 Allison Bechdel/herself at various ages and #2 Allison Bechdel and her dad, obvs. If you wanted to bring in stuff from All About My Mother, or even Dykes to Watch Out For or her YouTube channel, or whatever, that would be cool too!

Hark! A Vagrant [web comic]

Hahaha ok here's my BIG REACH request that I don't expect anyone to vid. I love the humor. I love the artworks and sassiness and transformative approach to history and literature. I love the blurbs at the bottom that give insight into how Kate Beaton came up with or thinks about that particular comic's subject. Fave comic subjects: Wonder Woman, feminist history, Elizabeth I and other historical figures. I particularly enjoy anything social justice-y, science-history, and political history. Finally, while I enjoy her take on things like Brontë fiction, but I also sort of hate Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, so...? *shrug* Like, if Wonder Woman came in and punched Heathcliff a lot, I'd probably be into that, but otherwise...

Sometimes I want vids for things but have no idea how I would approach vidding it? This is one of those things! I can see that it can be done, but as far as actual, practical suggestions, uh.... not so much. Have at it. Have fun. I'll love any vid you make for Hark! A Vagrant to PIECES.


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