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Thank you SO MUCH for writing me fic! My biggest want is moar stories about one of these ladies, so I’m sure I’m going to love whatever you write. Also, I want to apologize in posting this so ridiculously late in the exchange. I imagine that you have started writing a fic bunny you already had floating around. EXCELLENT! But, in case you have not and you would like prompting, I figured I’d share my scattered thoughts.

I have a ridiculously broad taste in fic and I know that if any of these ladies is the focus of the story I am going to be SO SO into it. I have lots of ideas about these characters, relationships and questions I’m interested in exploring, but this post is by no means prescriptive. If you have an idea you’re really keen on that you think is a good match for one of my requests — go for it! This is DOUBLY so because I am just so late posting this (letter writing timed with end of quarter—not good!).

Basic Interests

not interested in: m/m, non-canon character death, character bashing, ship bashing, pregnancy fic, underage sexual content, the tragedy of enjoying a career (to the exclusion of a relationship), some fluids (vomit, scat, piss)

very interested in: gen character study, femslash, porn as character, pwp, kink, fluff, h/c, crossovers, AUs, chosen families, relationships that help characters face or accept parts of themselves, vulnerability, fear, bravery, guardedness, building of trust, desire, desperation, shyness, and risk-taking

smut: ALWAYS WELCOME! essentially I prefer when the way they have sex connects with other aspects of the character and reveals other insights — I don’t usually have firm preferences here, just sell me on your head!canon, e.g.: how does the Morrigan becoming human change how she wants to relate in bed? maybe she doesn’t want to bottom anymore? maybe she’s REALLY into spankings? or maybe she just wants to masturbate while Lauren gives her instructions from across the room? what do ~you~ think?

kinks I like: negotiation!, dirty talk!, power play, role play, age play, edge play, spanking, impact play, fisting, sex toys, dildos, oral sex, anal sex, begging, bondage, cross-dressing, cyborgs, discipline, fetishwear (heels, stockings, leather, latex, etc. etc. etc.), magic, mommy kink, service, pirates, polyamoury, public sex, tentacles, and ~transportation~ cars, trains, planes, spaceships, subways, etc…


black sails: max, anne bonny, elizabeth guthrie


anne bonny

elizabeth guthrie

lost girl: kenzi, the morrigan, tamsin


the morrigan


Orange is the New Black: Sophia Burset, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, Carrie “Big Boo” Black, Nicky Nichols, Claudette Pelage

I love when the show focuses on the things they do to cope, maintain their sense of self, or express themselves in private ways, like: Big Boo’s dildo, or Claudette’s radio, or Suzanne reading Shakespeare.

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren: I would LOVE something about when and how Suzanne became interested in Shakespeare, or how she connects so deeply with Shakespeare. I pretty much ship Suzanne/Shakespeare. Would also love anything about Suzanne’s experiences with psych or therapy as well as Suzanne’s family dynamics.

Sophia Burset: she makes my heart acheeee. Seriously ANYTHING would make me squee. Sophia reads the phone book to the lunchroom. Sophia writes a letter to her son. Sophia spends time with the Catholic nun whose name is escaping me. Sophia takes a walk and reads a good book about space travel and language. Sophia moves on from her wife with ?? Really, truly, anything.

Nicky Nichols: and her relationship with (prison mom) Red! anything about what Nicky wants from her relationship with Red, maybe what she wants and can’t ask for?, comparisons between Red and Nicky’s mom.

As for Carrie "Big Boo" Black and Claudette Pelage, really truly anything would be wonderful.

star trek TNG: Guinan, Ro Laren
Mostly, I would love something about Guinan and Ro Laren’s friendship.

For Ro Laren, pretty much aaaanything, but I would be particularly interested in her activity with the Maquis (appearances by Chakotay, B’elanna or other Maquis-origin Voyager characters are welcome, but please no Ro Laren/Chakotay).

For Guinan, I would looooooove stories about her past. Things like — hiding out on Earth in 1893, pre-Enterprise interactions with Q, or more about El-Aurian culture and her community of origin.

Warehouse 13: Mrs. Frederick, Jane Lattimer, Leena, Abigail Cho

Mrs. Frederick: Oooh I have SO MANY Mrs. Frederick thoughts! I have a couple of competing ships: I have a pretty developed head!canon that Mrs. Frederick and Jane Lattimer are a couple and (optional) co-mommies to Claudia. But I also think, Mrs. Frederick/theWarehouse is a pretty serious thing, and I would enjoy that being explored in greater depth. Bonus! if you include Mrs. Frederick mentoring Claudia and/or flashbacks to Mrs. Frederick bonding with the Warehouse.

Jane Lattimer: As mentioned above, I totally ship her with Mrs. Frederick. any flashbacks into the long, long history of her relationship with Mrs. Frederick are SO welcome. For completely transparent, cross-fannish reasons, I would enjoy anything involving Jane Lattimer and a technology or space-oriented artifact (haha). or even stranger, a crossover with OITNB. NTSF:SD:SUV:Whatever. Kate Mulgrew-it up for me. For more in-canon interests, I’d love to know more about why she goes renegade and lets Claudia revive Steve with the metronome?! I mean, is this a consistent in-character thing? Is she morally gray more often? Is she like, early-Warehouse-era Artie? or mostly-good-HG? Or was this because she had a soft-spot for Steve and/or Claudia? Also, I like her relationship with Pete, but I’m not particularly interested in Lattimer family drama or history. (although, again — if you have a fic bunny — go for it!)

Leena: OH BB THEY DID YOU SO WRONG. Make the character retcon make sense. How is it Leena had this super meaningful relationship with the Warehouse and we barely heard anything about it until after she died??? Expanding on Leena’s relationship with the Warehouse and artifacts or Mrs. Frederic would be amazing.

Abigail Cho: We still don’t know that much about Abigail — not really. We know she’s the Keeper, but very little about what that means or entails. Would also love anything digging into Abigail’s relationship with Claudia re: therapy, what attracted Abigail to therapy and if she was already the Keeper back then?! or ?? (ugh so many questions I can barely string it together). Go wild.

Witches of East End: (tv show)
I have not read the books (yet) but I LOVE the series.

family dynamic: 1st choice for WEE tbh. Their loyalties to each other, conflicts of personality or self are all really fascinating. I’d be happy with gen family fic or incesty femslash here. Hurt/comfort, processing feelings, fluff about late-night chats on Joanna’s bed with everyone in nighties (omgz please), all good! If it gets incesty, I’d prefer it to be less of dirty-sekrit-incest and more like, “they-come-from-another-land / gods do it all the time in asgard / it’s-just-cultural” or conflict of those perspectives. But I would also be quite happy if it stays gen! My favorite thing is their commitment and love for each other — how they are all the most important people in each other’s lives, even with ex-husbands and new lovers and whoever showing up.

past lives: AU opportunity you are totally welcome to take. I would LOVE to know what these ladies were up to as past versions of themselves. (Just know that I find Ingrid/Archibald totally squicky).

Joanna Beauchamp: morally gray and self-righteous FTW! her crypticness, constant need for control, and just general anxious attitude is so endearing. Her life with Ingrid and Freya is this fragile thing that she builds over and over again, and this time she is so, so invested in protecting what they have, hoping they don’t die, that it doesn’t change. I also adore her relationship with Wendy. I feel like Joanna really *needs* Wendy. It feels really clear when Wendy shows up just how alone Joanna is without her.

Wendy Beauchamp: You can do just about anything with Wendy, just don’t equate her buoyancy of spirit with flimsy moral character or complete flakiness. I love how she tries to work with people (Joanna), but if they resist or drag their feet, she moves forward with it all anyway. I love how she sees to the heart of people. I love how well she sees them. I love her ease with others’ vulnerability and her lack of judgment when people (Ingrid) make the wrong call. More than any of the others, she’s able to keep her eye on the big picture in the midst of crisis.

Ingrid Beauchamp: I love Ingrid’s relationship with Wendy. I love how Ingrid is unsure of herself and scared, and Wendy knows Ingrid so well and knows how to reassure her and be there for her. I also love HOW Ingrid is scared. I love that she is really resistant to doing certain things (like the fertility magic spell or anything the dumb boys coerce her into), but even if she goes along with it, she does it HER way. She never gives up on what she wants, just sometimes she uses subterfuge.

Freya Beauchamp: anything about her relationships to Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid, or Penelope is great. I’m mostly looking for some interiority with Freya. How does Freya sense of self shift after gaining powers and then losing them?

If none of this helps, or if you never read it! or whatever! I hope you're having fun writing fic.


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