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Copied from almost everyone.

Topic open house for December Winter Break (which will actually get me to post more at all). Getting a head start during our eval week because yknow, life balance and sanity and ambitiousness and it may be nice to write about something with run on sentences every now and then.

Pick a date below, give me a topic and I'll post about it. Fannishness, kittens, darling, school, politics, queerness, obsessions, sex+kinks, my projects, family crap, and um well just about anything.

I will do my best to write on the topics provided unless I feel ill-equipped. Then I'll ask you for another prompt or make my best guess as to what you'd be interested in.

1. Favorite tropes (character, fanfic, relationship, show, etc.) for [personal profile] mammothluv
2. Futura. Futura and Jpeg. Pictures and stories of all things kitteh for [personal profile] chaila
3. Scott & Bailey and created family! (Or just WHY SCOTT & BAILEY AWESOME AND PEOPLE SHOULD WATCH IT.) for [personal profile] runawaynun
4. amazing video production school-related life journey skills for [personal profile] beccatoria
5. new house! with pictures for [personal profile] chaila
6. what fictional characters do you identify with and why? for [ profile] looklikemine
7. when you feel insecure what do you do to try to feel reassured? for [ profile] looklikemine
8. how did you learn about sex? any hot sex dreams lately? why do your pheromones smell good to rebekah for [ profile] looklikemine
9. TELL US ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. How you met, cute stories, whatever! for [personal profile] mammothluv
10. Ageplay ships for [ profile] beerbad

As a BONUS! I'll leave a comment on your journal the same day as well (link if you wanna choose the post too).
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