Mar. 2nd, 2014

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Thank you SO MUCH for writing me fic! My biggest want is moar stories about one of these ladies, so I’m sure I’m going to love whatever you write. Also, I want to apologize in posting this so ridiculously late in the exchange. I imagine that you have started writing a fic bunny you already had floating around. EXCELLENT! But, in case you have not and you would like prompting, I figured I’d share my scattered thoughts.

I have a ridiculously broad taste in fic and I know that if any of these ladies is the focus of the story I am going to be SO SO into it. I have lots of ideas about these characters, relationships and questions I’m interested in exploring, but this post is by no means prescriptive. If you have an idea you’re really keen on that you think is a good match for one of my requests — go for it! This is DOUBLY so because I am just so late posting this (letter writing timed with end of quarter—not good!).

Basic Interests

not interested in )

very interested in )

smut )

kinks I like )


black be posted )

lost be posted )

Orange is the New Black )

Star Trek TNG )

Warehouse 13 )

Witches of East End )

If none of this helps, or if you never read it! or whatever! I hope you're having fun writing fic.


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