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Coming Home to Me
Video: Nashville (TV) through episode 3x10
Audio: "Coming Home to Me" by Patty Griffin (featuring Julie Miller)
Notes: A gift for [personal profile] odessie, my assigned recipient (with excellent media taste) for [community profile] festivids 2014.

The beautiful, profound, unexpected and imperfect maternal and mentor relationships between Rayna, Juliette, Maddie, and Scarlett.

stream (on YouTube) | download ( (91mb) | srt to be uploaded by 2/16

Anytime you say it with heart
Anytime you're falling apart
When you're washing the sheets
Any stranger you meet
When there's somebody waving goodbye

You're coming home to me, just remember
You're coming home to me

It's a world full of bar rooms and alleys
Of blue nights and red river valleys
When you feel like a shirt and a tie
Or like dirt
Or a lion and no one can see

You're coming home to me, just remember
You're coming home to me

When you get to that place
That's just under the stars
Hanging over the tree
At a quarter to three
When you get there you'll know
That's as far as you go
When you get there you'll see
You were already free
When you get there you'll la la la la la la

When you're lost and you're found
And you're found and you're lost
When you're dancing with no one around

You're coming home to me, just remember
You're coming home to me
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